Life depends on water,
You can depend on us.


We love clarity, for you and our water. This is what we do and how we do it.

Our process in 5 steps.

Order process

Ordering the frame including housing, the cooling & control system.
Delivery of: Frame, housing, cooling system and control system.
Ordering other parts depending on the unit.


Building the frame & installing of the control system.

We perform various tests, including a pressure and vacuum test, we fill the system with NH3 and a system performance test.

We optimize the system based on the results and make adjustments if necessary.

Preparing for packing
& transport

We carefully prepare the units before they are shipped to our clients.

You have the option to choose between transport by plane, freight ship or truck.


When the unit has arrived at it’s destination we are ready for installation.

Once completed our technicians will test the system again on location.

When it is fine tuned and functioning to our standards Eurosafetygroup will give a demonstration, followed by training of staff.


After having gone trough all the phases above and having performed the tests properly, the final task that follows is the official kick-off meeting and the system can be switched on.

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